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Blake Rounkles is an experienced real estate investment professional and active home buyer based in Davis County. He has lived in Utah his whole life and serves his community through his church and other programs. Blake Rounkles and his team are located in the Layton Hills Mall. Blake has been trained by real estate investment professionals from some of the top companies in the nation and he has been a Realtor since 1996. He has bought and sold hundreds of homes throughout the years.

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How To Benefit From A Property Wholesaler Liquidating Your Portfolio in Utah

Do you need to sell assets owned in Utah or the nearby areas? In our latest post, we will discuss how to benefit from a property wholesaler when liquidating your portfolio in Utah. Many investors come to a moment in their lives where they need to liquidate their investments. Trying to sell each property individually […]

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Simple Ways To Sell Investment Property In Utah

Every good investor knows that there comes a time when they will need to sell. If an investment isn’t performing or if you have other opportunities, you might want to liquidate your property sooner rather than later. In our latest post, we will explore some simple ways to sell investment property in Utah! If you own […]

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How To Know When To Sell Your Investment Property In Utah

Often times, people will hold on to an investment property, even if there are better places they could put their money. There is no rule saying you need to keep a property! In our latest post, we will help you determine when to sell your investment property in Utah! The Returns Aren’t There How much […]

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Types of Land Investments in Utah

Buying land is a wonderful way to invest in real estate, however, not all land is created equally. If you are considering adding land to your investment portfolio, you should learn about the different types of land investments available in Utah! Before you purchase a piece of land, there are a few things you should first consider. […]

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How To Find Great Real Estate Investments In Utah

Investing in real estate is an excellent way to generate extra income. You might find yourself spending your time on property and research. We are here to help you! Learn how to find great real estate investments in Utah!  More than ever, people are realizing just how lucrative real estate investment can be. People all over […]

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How To Find A Good FSBO in Utah

Finding a high-quality property that is being sold directly by the owner can be a challenge. Many of these properties will need some work. In our latest post, we will explore some great ways to find a good FSBO in Utah!  Savvy sellers can save thousands of dollars by selling their homes on their own. […]

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Creative Real Estate Investment Ideas in Utah

With more and more people discovering the benefits or real estate investment, you might find yourself getting a little creative in what you choose to invest in. In our latest posts, we will discuss several out of the box real estate investments ideas to help separate you from the rest of the pack! Join a […]

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6 Ways To Find A New House in Utah

Do you want to find a new house in the Utah area? If so, you will likely have a lot of company! The Utah area is an excellent place to buy a home. In our latest post, we will discuss creative ways to go about buying a house in Utah and the surrounding areas! Finding a […]

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How To Profit From House Flipping In Utah

Flipping properties is an excellent way to make additional income in Utah. By knowing a few tricks, you too will be able to profit from house flipping! Learn more about how to do it in our latest post! Flipping houses was all the rage a few short years ago. Savvy investors who weren’t afraid to […]

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Affordable Ways To Buy A House in Utah

Never assume that home ownership is out of the question for you. There are many affordable ways to purchase a house in the Utah area. In our latest post, we share affordable ways to buy a house in Utah!  If you want to buy a house in Utah, there are many ways to go about […]

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