6 Ways To Find A New House in Utah

Do you want to find a new house in the Utah area? If so, you will likely have a lot of company! The Utah area is an excellent place to buy a home. In our latest post, we will discuss creative ways to go about buying a house in Utah and the surrounding areas!

Finding a new house in Utah can be easier than you think! You don’t have to spend months agonizing or worry that you have ended up with the wrong house. There are many great ways to find a new house in Utah!

#1 Go Directly To The Owners

Drive the neighborhoods you like and take note of the homes you would be interested in owning. You can research the property via the county appraiser’s website and in most cases, find out who the current owner is. You can write a letter to express your interest in the house. Never be pushy or invade the space.

You might find houses that need a little work or look a little run down, might have owners that are more motivated. Their interest in the house or ability to clean it up might diminish their desire to keep the outside looking great. Typically, if you love your house, you will keep it looking nice. If that isn’t the case, you might have found someone more willing to sell.

#2 Find A Professional and Trusted Wholesaler

Wholesalers sometimes get a bad rap. Wholesalers are simply professional property buyers who are able to offer excellent discounts to people looking to buy a home. They acquire these properties through auctions, estate sales, from banks and sometimes from sellers directly. They know how and where to find amazing deals, which allows you to buy a house at a discount. Utahhomes.biz is consistently helping sellers by purchasing their houses directly, as-is. We are then able to resell the house at a great price to you!

#3 Word Of Mouth

Tell everyone you know and people you meet that you are interested in buying. The UPS man’s sister might be selling her house, and you could learn about it before she puts it on the market. By putting it out there that you are ready to buy a Utah house, you will be surprised at the opportunities that come your way. Simple networking can lead you to the house of your dreams! You never know who might be selling their house!

#4 Check Out Expired Listings

If a house sits on the MLS long enough, the listing will eventually expire. The seller can either opt to try again, rent the house, or continue living in a house they don’t really want to own.These people are likely very motivated to sell the house. And by making an offer on the property while they aren’t bound to an agent, everyone will save money on commissions costs. This is a big plus for you!

#5 Set Up Notifications

To learn about the best deals as soon as they become available, you can sign up for alerts letting you know when properties meeting your criteria hit the market. Utilize google alerts to learn about real estate happenings in your area, and sign up for free email alerts from the MLS or trusted agents and property sellers in your area.

#6 Don’t Rule Out Fixer-Uppers

Always take caution when buying a fixer-upper property. However, if you do a little homework, you can sometimes find a tremendous deal on fixer-upper properties in Utah. For example, a house may sell for 40k less than it is worth, but only need 20k in renovations and repairs to make it look brand new. You will also have the added benefit of finishing the house however you would like. Adding your own counters, bathroom fixtures and other personal touches can be a great benefit as a buyer.

Do you want to find a new house in Utah? We can help! Send us a message or give us a call today! (801) 820-0049

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